"There's always someone less fortunate than you." Yeah, well, tell that to the guy who's less fortunate than literally everyone in existence. Or maybe he's a paradox in that he is less fortunate than himself, or there are an infinite number of people who are continuously less fortunate. amirite?

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Even if "fortunateness" was quantifiable, the least fortunate person on Earth could get a donation, changing who was the least fortunate. The person would be changing constantly.

Technically, someone's fortune is seen as an opinion.
There will always be someone who sees someone else as worse off then another person.

It works because you can't quantify "fortunateness"

How can you be less fortunate than yourself?

well, heres how i look at it. everyone IS less fortunate than someone else. But only in a certain aspect, not in entirety. So "that guy" is more fortunate than someone else in an aspect. And if nothing else, he is fortunate to be the least fortunate person. Its kind of like being the best at being bad

I'ts a never ending loop bro

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