If a natural catastrophe threatened North America, everyone would be evacuated in hours. If the same catastrophe threatened the Middle East, Jew and Arabs would find a way to blame each other, fight instead of running and end up dead, amirite?

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a whole continent evacuated in a few hours? where do you think they would all go?

This post = ignorance at its finest.

How could you evacuate an entire continent?

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@Meagan How could you evacuate an entire continent?

By every possible way. All planes redirected to landlocked cities, forgetting about all the boarding protocols and just cramming as many people into each plane as possible. All cities near the coast have everyone drive to the ports or wherever ships can dock. Everyone climbs or walks on, with help of the crew. People in the north of Canada go to the Arctic icecap, people in the south of Texas and Mexico flee to S America. Helicopters and military jets pick up large boxes with people standing inside. Anyone left hides in bunker and hopes for the best. NASA can use their space shuttle launch facilities to evacuate people on space shuttles used like normal planes. It probably won't save everyone, but its better than nothing.

@Galileo I want you in charge.


Although after reading the post again i think OP may have meant if there was a natural catastrophe somewhere in N America, not like a hypercane covering the whole continent like in The Day After Tomorrow

You mean like a hurricane barreling toward a city that is built below sea level and is one bad storm away from being completely underwater? Yeah, of course everyone would be evacuated!

Wait, what?

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Yeah right on North American side. FEMA sucks.


I don't think the 400 million people in North America could be evacuated within hours...

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