Whenever someone does something, like running over your toe with a shopping cart and then apologizing, why do we say "It's ok..." Why don't we say something like "That hurt you stupid idiot!" Amirite?

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... Because we're not jerks and it was probably an accident?

Because they apologised and bitching them out wouldn't make my toe any better...

I'm sure the person realized that what they did hurt, us being rude about it isn't going to help though

Because they didn't mean to and they apologised about it.

some of us do say "That hurt you stupid idiot"

@Erik_Cluckey_McCluck some of us do say "That hurt you stupid idiot"

There's a name for people like that. That name is cunts.

@Erik_Cluckey_McCluck how about Zach? does he count?

Not sure.. Maybe.. I meant like complete strangers at the store or something.

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Because it's actually okay.

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