First ear piercing- totally normal. Second ear piercing- kind of trashy, but still acceptable. Third ear piercing- this is getting boarderline slutty... Fourth ear piercing and on- are you going goth now? amirite?

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How does it even make sense to call an ear peircing slutty? That's absurd.

The amount of piercings in someones ears does not dictate whether or not they like to jump on every dick they see

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I have four ear piercings in the bottom of each ear and three in the top of my left. I'm not trashy, slutty or goth. I did it for me and because I like the way it looks.

Might have been true 10 years ago.

Now 2+ is pretty much the norm.

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Trashy is dictated by the kind of jewelry you wear, not by where you wear it. At 21, I have three piercings in each earlobe, two cartilage piercings, and a navel piercing, and I was a virgin until I was 20--and I'd been with my now-fiancé for six months. I was an honor roll student all through school and have been on the Dean's list three years in a row. I have three publications including a novel. Am I still a trashy slut?

Everyone is different and it's not fair to judge based on something as common and socially acceptable as ear lobe piercings.

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I have three piercings on the bottom and one on the top of each ear, plus my belly button pierced (that's nine total in case you're keeping score), and I can barely even talk ab out sex without feeling like I'm losing my innocence. And I'm far too girly to be goth.