A total mistake has seen Andrew Amers-Morrison appointed the new coach of the Seychelles national football team. The Seychelles Football Association mistook him for former Man City player Andrew Morrison and handed him a two-year deal. However, the real Morrison isn't the first man to have lost an important job to an imbecile due to a mix up of similar sounding names. Just ask George Amers-Bus... amirite?

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OK if he is an imbecile, what does that say about the Seychelles Federation of football? I smell a Rat a corrupt Rat!......There is more to the story.

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Nah, the Seychelles FA did it totally by accident. And I only called him an imbecile for comedic effect. Andrew Amers-Morrison is only a youth football coach but they've given him 6 months to prove himself anyway...

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Well now he has been given nothing but the door. I think it was not really his fault cause he never said he was the other guy although he didn't say he wasn't either. Its the Seychelles football who did not make their research well enough. Now they have fired him out of shame..

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