1950s: "Oh, I remember when girls showing their ankles in public was a disgrace, but now it's okay." 1980s: "Oh, I remember when girls showing their stomachs in public was unacceptable, but now it's fine." 2050s: "Oh, I remember when girls showing their breasts in public was considered disgusting, but now...", amirite?

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2100s: Man, I remember when sex in public was strongly discouraged....

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +54Reply

Man, if I didn't have motivation to get cracking on that time machine BEFORE....

MrRites avatar MrRite Yeah You Are +30Reply

Soon we'll get all nostalgic about wearing clothing.

as a girl I have mixed feeling about that....
on one hand, bras are uncomfortable. on the other, thats kinda weird.

riris avatar riri Yeah You Are +22Reply

2150: They actually wore clothes back then?

Prosopagnosias avatar Prosopagnosia Yeah You Are +20Reply

Personally, I think it'll be sooner than that.
Probably around the mid '30s

Anonymous +19Reply

500 BC: Wait, in the future there's going to be a full cycle of adding clothes and losing them, until people return to being naked all the time?

armtheangelss avatar armtheangels Yeah You Are +19Reply

"wait, Grandma, rape used to be DIScouraged?!"

affenhausens avatar affenhausen Yeah You Are +18Reply

2200: I wonder if anything was ever invented to keep our body warm when we're outside in the winter...

Anonymous +18Reply

3000: What's skin?

One can only hope...

New Years Resolution 2011!!!!

Anonymous -1Reply
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