It's "Happy Birthday Jesus!" not "I want more presents!!!" does anyone except the cartoons in the holiday specials know the true meaning of Christmas, amirite?

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Not Jesus' birthday.

The true meaning of christmas is it's better to give than receive... not jesus was born. Cuz he wasn't.

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Jesus was "born" in March

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And while we're on the "true meaning of Christmas" It was made to convert Pagans to Christianity, by letting them keep the same day/customs/traditions ("Christmas" trees, presents, feasts etc..) but make them celebrate Jesus' birth instead. They thought the transition would be easier. Christians didn't start celebrating Jesus' "birthday" until hundreds of years after he died. In fact the early Christians didn't even celebrate birthdays because that was also a Pagan tradition.

Christmas is a social holiday in today's societal context. There is more to it these days than religious aspects (although if you want to celebrate those then that's ok). It is a national public holiday in most countries with a western culture, and it's tradition for people get together to share a meal and spend the day with their family and exchange gifts.

Jesus was not born on christmas lol

Charlie Brown. best Christmas special ever. and it has a meaningful message in it

I thought Jesus was born in early fall...

@i_dont_eat_humans I thought Jesus was born in early fall...

Jesus was actually born sometime during spring.

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