You dont understand why police men work so hard to find drugs. Like seriously, they're called "drug stores", all u have to do is drive up and arrest them. and drugs arent even that bad anyway, like science says that beer and mariwana are alot worse. amirite?

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don't you aren't marijuana *a lot

The stupidity, it's so...overwhelming.. brain.. shutting...down.

"drugs aren't even that bad ... 'mariwana' are a lot worse"

Marijuana's a drug, and is bad for your health. A little contradicting there, aren't you?

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Drug stores sell legalized drugs... And in no way can you put beer and marijuana in the same category. Beer is legal, marijuana in most cases, is not...

are you seriously telling me that "Mariwana" is worse than say heroin or cocaine? and btw "Mariwana" is also illegal and classified as a drug

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