We have cars and internet and stuff everywhere in the world except Africa, because Africa are pretty much cavemen. I'm seriously not racist, but this is evidence that people with darker skin are not as smart/advanced as us. It's not racism, just because we're smarter doesn't make us better. amirite?

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Ignoring the obviously ignorant remarks you made, they DO have cars and the Internet in Africa.

I completely agree with the posts above... they DO have cars and internet. There are some parts of Africa, such as the northern area, that are doing pretty well. Besides, it's not their fault that they haven't gotten a chance to prove themselves because Europeans came, carved up Africa, took all of their resources, made new boundaries that forced groups of people who didn't get along with each other to live in the same country, then just left. So what do you expect them to do when they have no resources and their governments are ineffective? Come up with the newest technology? You say that they're "cavemen," but honestly? You don't even know what's going on in Africa. Also, in your post, you said that "people with darker skin are not as advanced as US." I can bet money that a) some people with "darker skin" are reading your post and b) there are many people with darker skin that are more intelligent than people with lighter skin and vice versa. Color does not equal intelligence.

Troll or just racist??

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You write like a caveman.

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Judging by your post, you are clearly the caveman here, regardless of the cars you own or the internet you have access to. Simply because you are naïve enough to condemn an entire continent to a single label fueled by the media you so gullibly ingest, without showing the initiative to form any further investigations or pursue any further questions. Yes, some areas of Africa are still extremely traditional and rural, but that does not mean to say that other regions are not developed. Some regions and cities in Africa are wealthy, and may even function as global economic trade entities. I sincerely hope you are a troll, and that I've just wasted my time typing this, instead of someone with this caliber of intelligence actually inhabiting planet Earth.

Agreed everyone above me.

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"...Because Africa are pretty much cavemen." Yikes.

Idiot. In north Africa like Egypt, and southern African like South Africa, which is where I'm from and where I am right now, we have everything the US has. Internet, cars, food, technology, etc. Also, not everyone from Africa has ''darker skin''. Here in SA it's mostly white people.

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I can't tell If you're a troll or just a complete idiot.

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I think its funny how all of you guys just got trolled.

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