for some reason the pnis has to be erect (stiff) to have get into the vgina, why is that lol? like how does the v*gina even know if its erect or not? lol kind of makes you wonder about how humans work, amirite?

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Are you like 7 or something?

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What the hell? This is amirite. We don't censor words.


Grow up.

Rifkas avatar Rifka No Way +20Reply

uh, it doesnt have to "know". it just won't go in.

Never put the word 'lol' in another amirite please.

@burnagaininja Why? Does it mean something bad?

Yeah, on this website it's code for 'vote this down'.

I think that was awkward for all of us.

I'm 12 and what is this?

Daemoines avatar Daemoine No Way +11Reply

Even though this is more likely than not a troll post, if you're wondering the answer, it's because a soft penis would have a lot of trouble -ahem- getting in.

If you want a (disturbing) visual comparison, when you're trying to put a piece of thread through the eye of a needle, you usually have to lick the end of the thread to make it "stiff" to get it through, as it'll bend to the side of the needle eye otherwise.

Simons avatar Simon No Way +9Reply

thanks for the clarification, I had no idea what erect meant

528491s avatar 528491 No Way +9Reply

LMFAO at how clueless under 13's apear to be X)

Anonymous +7Reply
@LMFAO at how clueless under 13's apear to be X)

I'm 12 and I'm NOT this clueless....

vagina vagina VAGINA penis penis PENIS. You lol are lol an lol idiot lol. That is how this post sounds to me....

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