Azurill is hands-fucking-down in the top three cutest Pokemon, amirite?

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Mudkip remains #1 for me.

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Mew or Espeon.

Then again I've always been a sucker for psychic types. Also, I'm a cat person.

@Courage_Wolf Neither of those Pokemon are cute.

I disagree. I think Mew is super cute. Espeon isn't really babyish cute, but I think it's still a cute Pokemon.

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I kind of like Pichu, Pachirisu, Hoppip, Cherrim, and Cherubi

I think it's Chingling :3

Azurill would be the cutest, but it's strangely Normal type.

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Noo, Vulpix, Eevee, Plusle(and Minun) or Pichu...I can't decide from them >.>;

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What about togepi?

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Togepi, Eevee, Vulpix

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I've always liked Cyndaquil. Its eyes, or lack of them, have always endeared me.

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