Moral of the Little Mermaid: If you disobey your parents, give in to peer pressure, and change your appearance, you'll find true love. amirite?

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...and then turn into sea foam.

@shelbme ...and then turn into sea foam.

Oh my goodness when I watched that, it made me cry LOL

Hidden penis! Just saying

Agreed 100%. It teaches girls to change themselves for men.

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@907603 (JustASmallTownGirl):

Never in my life (nor have any of my friends) have I ever watched a disney movie and thought "oh all I need to do is change who I am!" Me (and most the people I talk to) always though "aww that's so sweet! She found true love." I never thought of the movies like that until it was pointed out on amirite.

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I know. I think that's like the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

it's pree good had an almost identical post long before

You should always find a stranger to obsess over and then genetically modify yourself for that stranger.

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