It's pretty annoying when you or your parents cook dinner for a guest and their kids and their kid doesn't like the food and so they won' eat it and you or your parents have to stop eating and make them something else, amirite?

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When my family would visit people and I didn't like the food my mother would just say "Alright,don't eat it, just sit quietly and wait for the meal to end," and then I'd twist a napkin or something until everyone else was done.
Why the heck does everyone spoil their kids so much these days? It's not like saying "Too bad, you need to play by the same rules as the rest of us" counts a child abuse or anything.

Hope that happens to me. I'll be like, 'would you prefer a hamburger?' And when the kids say yes and smile, I'll shove the spinach into their mouths.
And then run away.

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