"Shoulda known you were trouble from the first kiss, had your eyes wide open, why were they open?" Well, Bruno, wouldn't YOUR eyes have to have been open to see that hers were? Amirite?

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Yeah, maybe she was just checking if he'd had his eyes open or not, to know if he's trouble.

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Bruno mars knows everything.

In the music video, he was holding a picture of their first kiss.

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I made this same point to my brother. Bruno = Ridiculous

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hah my friend always made the same point. But not exactly. If he's gently opening his eyes after a kiss & notices hers wide open already, it can be disconcerting.

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He could have had his fair share of heart breaking incidents. His songs are very similar, but if it works for him than whatever. People need to stop bagging on people they don't like because it doesn't serve any purpose what so ever. People now a days are bitchy dramatic fucktards that sit and bitch about people because for ex. they don't like their music. Fuckin pathetic pieces of shit

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so is Adele.. her songs are all the same and shes just 22 at the moment : but that doesnt stop the fact that shes a grammy winning artist _Whatever works and gets the bills payed bru.

Haha fail dude...fail

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Nothing wrong with open eyes

Bruno mars is awesome!!!

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@Izzie_23 Bruno mars is awesome!!!

I have the same opinion, I love his songs. :)

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Yeah dip fuck, a picture!! Don't bag on bruno or I will shove firecrackers down your penis hole!!!!or if your a girl than....yeah

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bruno mars is everything thats wrong with the music industry. all of his songs exactly the same. also how the fuck could he possibly know so much about love given that he is only 25. what a douche

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@bruno mars is everything thats wrong with the music industry. all of his songs exactly the same. also how the fuck...

Hey dude try listening count on me and then try listening runaway baby.. Big difference!

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