Just got back from Darfur. Man! Those kids sure looked hungry, so hungry actually that they made ME hungry. Did you know a steak dinner there is only $1.99? You would think those kids would eat more of it. I guess those silly kids prefer to play soccer all day. God Bless em' amirite?

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Why? It was their choice to play, I thought the World Cup wasnt for another 4 years?

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Awwwww :)

Fuck. Now that this is homepaged, I have to stay up past 4am answering "Bill you're such an asshole" and "Why joke about this"
Cause I can people, Cause I can.

Not to be a pain, but when you use the contraction "'em" the apostrophe goes before the "e", since it is taking the place of the "th". Therefore, "em'" is not correct, rather it is "'em".

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Wow fuk u y joke about dis? my moom is from theree and dis is just mean

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