You hate it when other people press the button at a pedestrian crossing when they saw you press the button 2 seconds ago, amirite?

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And I hate it when there's a hoard of people and nobody presses the damn button

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It's especially funny considering that the vast majority of those buttons have been disconnected, and don't work anymore. They're just too costly to remove.

i always wonder if those buttons actually work, i think it is a mind game so when you push the button it makes you think something is happening, when nothing is actually happening...if that makes sense

But then I think about how I do the same thing haha

I do it because I need to confirm that the button was actually pressed rather than us standing there for 5 minutes waiting to cross.

I do, but only if they press the button once. You have to press it atleast twice in my opinion.

I'm not sure if pressing it only once works, but I don't want to wait if it doesn't so I always like spam it until it let's me walk.

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