American teenagers: Your secret life isn't having sex and getting pregnant. It's something probably stupid and embarrassing, like, you have a Webkinz, or you play your little sister's Dora computer game, amirite?

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It's not my little sisters game....it's mine! D:

Or still play neopets. =P

sydthekids avatar sydthekid Yeah You Are +14Reply

Neopets :3!

thebushbabys avatar thebushbaby Yeah You Are +11Reply

Fan Fiction :0

gananass avatar gananas Yeah You Are +6Reply
@lucyjoan YES.

lol. Good to know I'm not alone.

gananass avatar gananas Yeah You Are +2Reply

Super Poke Pets
...and I'm still a little scared of the dark

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +5Reply

I have a webkinz. It's a cow.

I waste my spare time playing the old Pokemon games on my GameBoy Advance.

Stepharoos avatar Stepharoo Yeah You Are +2Reply

Nah, I'm getting pregnant..

Or Farmville...

my friends and i play yugioh with the cards we've had since like 5 years ago.

rapemasterflexs avatar rapemasterflex Yeah You Are +1Reply

I knit. So that's embarrassing I guess...

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I LOVE playing Barbies. Haha. Both my younger sister and I are far too old for Barbies, but we just love to do it! We'll turn our rooms into cities and make it an extreme game of Barbies.

Ah, good times. And good to get that secret out.

bluegoddesss avatar bluegoddess Yeah You Are +1Reply

I am a SW nerd... Hahaa

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