When you read Harry Potter before any of the movies came out, figuring out how to pronounce "Hermione" correctly was a real bitch. Amirite?

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That's how I used to say it.
Until my sister called me a retard.

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in the fourth book it tells you how to pronounce it as hermione instructs viktor krum on his pronunciation... this is when i figured it out.

insert_usernames avatar insert_username Yeah You Are +20Reply

I thought it was Herm-ee-oh-knee. In the chapter when theyre on the train and she's looking for the frog, i was like "eh whatever it's not gonna be that important later on"

rapemasterflexs avatar rapemasterflex Yeah You Are +19Reply

I always knew...cause I'm a badass. Also cause I actually knew a girl named Hermione before I started reading them.

i always thought it was her-me-own until the movies came out xD

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And I used to say Sirius as Sir-rye-us

Simons avatar Simon Yeah You Are +10Reply

i said them all right the first time. except accio. i messed that one up

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I always thought it was Her-Mone-ee

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when i read the books in 1st grade i thought 'prefect' was 'perfect' until i realised what a prefect actually was

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I also had a hard time with Gryffindor and Slytherin. but I was in the 4th grade so I guess it's okay

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Me and my sister bet in who pronounced it right. We were both wrong...
I said it was 'Herme-on-eee"
She said it was "Her-mi-knee"

I'll admit she was closer, but we agreed we were both wrong.

_Z_s avatar _Z_ Yeah You Are +4Reply

In Greek, we write words exactly how they're pronounced. I feel badass for not having problems with it. 8D
... But it's true that I was confused about the English pronouncation

Alexuss avatar Alexus No Way +3Reply

I could never pronounce Accio, Beauxbatons, or Thestrals. i got a little dyslexic with thestrals and pronounced it "threstrals" and always got tongue-tied

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@Grills_Bears I always pronounced Beauxbatons "Be-ox-batons"

i always pronounced it "bwax-batons" haha i knew it wasn't right, but i couldn't figure out the correct way to say it

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@Grills_Bears I always pronounced Beauxbatons "Be-ox-batons"

I just asked my footballer friend to read and pronounce "Beuaxbatons"...about twelve seconds later, he said "Box-bat-uhns." Hahaha.

@I could never pronounce Accio, Beauxbatons, or Thestrals. i got a little dyslexic with thestrals and pronounced it...

My sister read the books out loud to me and absolutely butchered all of the pronunciations. She said threshals or something...

i found out when i watched the movie

i was in first grade, so my dad read them to me for the most part, and he was saying her-mee-own for the whole first book. then we got around to seeing the movie...

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id say hermyonwn.
ahh, the old dayss

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Pretty much "her - mine - ee".

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