The cause of global warming is actually pretty simple. Ever since daylight savings began in 1895, the earths temperature has been increasing more rapidly. It's obvious why. Longer days mean the suns out longer and warms the earth more. amirite?

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I'm not going to lie here. It sounds like you're dead serious.

daylight savings time doesn't change the amount of hours the sun's been out. It may, however, extend your troll shadow out from under the bridge.

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I hope you're joking.

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@Sergio I hope you're joking.

why did you vote up then?

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@why did you vote up then?

Because I'm assuming he's joking, in which case the post is funny and deserves a vote up

Sergios avatar Sergio Yeah You Are +3Reply

Successful troll is successful!

Though it probably wasn't a troll post, more just a witty solution.

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It's not the OP, but the 67 YYA that worry me ...

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thats wrong

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The OP posts a bunch of stupid posts. Just ignore it.

Please tell me this is posted under jokes... otherwise, the stupid is buuuurning...

It all makes sense now.

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Please, say you are joking.

You'd better be sarcastic.

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can you please answer some of the questions, OP? I would also really like to know if you're serious about this.

Did you get this from parade magazine? I swear I read this a week ago under the Ask Marylin column

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Actually, the main reason is because of the fact that there's more carbon in the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse gases. More greenhouse gases = more greenhouse effect. If you're wondering, the greenhouse effect is when our atmosphere traps heat energy. If there's more carbon in the atmosphere, it traps more heat, that is what global warming is. THAT is pretty simple.

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I hate how many people voted Yeah You Are!

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