Its not fair that we should get to live easy, middle-class lives with a warm place to sleep, enough food, and clean water, but some people in the world don't even have clothes to wear. The world's a pretty messed up place, amirite?

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So...because other people are unhappy, its not fair for others to be happy?

@OvergrownTurkey So...because other people are unhappy, its not fair for others to be happy?

The post was talking about basic human needsfood, water, shelterNOT happiness.

It's not fair that some people are born without basic needs and some are.

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I agree that balance is necessary, and basic human rights are important, but I don't think it's "unfair" that we have the life we do.

So give/share your comforts with them and then maybe you will have room to bitch.

No one's stopping you from moving

It's unfair that they DON'T get them, not that we get them.

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It's not exactly "unfair". But it's really sad how we have such good lives, yet we worry more about clothes and junkfood and ipods and tv than giving to people we KNOW need it more.

Thats life

you should be a communist.

Maybe it's more unfair that they don't have the opportunity that we do to achieve these things but it's not unfair that we have them. It's not like we just are magically given these things, we still have to work for them too.

The people in this world are messed up. Relying on the good people in this world is all we have now..

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