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When I first read this, I was like dude... what the fuck is this.

I listened to the song while I reread the post. That was fun.

Notes from the author: Some of the grammar is off because I had to make it fit, same with the syllables. If you are wondering what song it is, it's Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel. Here's a link: YouTube video thumbnail

Hope that clears stuff up a bit more.

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At first, I tried to say it like a poem, and was disappointed when it didn't rhyme, then I played the link. lol, good one!

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This is so fucking awesome. I love Billy Joel

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I thought it was Livin' on a Prayer at first...

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You should listen to The Supervillans version of Movin' Out if you haven't already :)

pretty cool anthony favourited this

What are mods paid in?

@PinkSponge What are mods paid in?

A sense of accomplishment.

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@Baconnoisseur A sense of accomplishment.

really? i always thought they got paid. like, leftovers from the ads or something...

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I tried to fit that, but then the character limit was like "Oh no, it's too long!" and I was like "Why do people always say that to me?"

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