There should be a Secret Life of the American Teenager drinking game where everytime they say the word "sex", you take a shot, amirite?

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I have actually "babysat" people who played this game. They had me come over to make sure they didn't get alcohol poisoning.

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you'd be unconscious within the first 5 minutes

There should be a Titanic game where every time they say "Jack" or "Rose" you take a shot.
You'd probably die though.

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Haha my old roomate get together and watch this show and everytime they say sex we eat a reeces pieces. Seems odd but they say sex A LOT so we eat a lot of candy!! Ha ha

The E.R. would get a lot of alchohol poisoning cases if everyone did this

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I dont want to die!

I like the "Today Show" drinking game.

@AddyTheAwesome What's that? is innocent

Take a shot when they give a travel tip. (It's a joke)

That'd be an awful lot of shots.

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That's so weird, my friend's mom said that the other day!

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My brother turned apples to apples into a drinking game.

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