It's annoying when potheads pretend to understand economics: "Legalizing marijuana would bring the US out of debt and solve the world's problems forever man!", amirite?

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I hate when people assume people dont know shit just because theyre potheads. The legalization of marijuana would boost our economy a great deal. It would open up jailspace for people that deserve to be locked up. It would have our cops focused on bigger problems than some teen smoking weed. Its a very good idea. And this is coming from a kid who doesnt smoke.

No, it would not bring the United States out of debt, but it would have a significant impact.

i hate anyone that pretends to know anything on something they know nothing about, it's not just pot heads. most pot heads i know dont even do that, and i know a lot of pot heads.

Well not only could it be legalized for consumption BUT they could make FUEL out of it, thats waaaaay more efficient than fossil fuel (AND RENEWABLE) they could also make a ton of other things. As the others said our taxmoney is being WASTED on incarcerating non-violent individuals.

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We can tax the hell out of it