When people say "gay", people automatically think "gay marriage, gay rights, gay freedom, etc." When people say "lesbian", people automatically think "porn! whores, etc." Their pretty much the same thing, why do people treat those terms differently, amirite?

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1. "Gay" is a more broad term - meaning both homosexual men and women.

2. Lesbians have been more sexualised in hetero society than gay men. Like, on most porn websites, girl-on-girl is in most videos, where guy-on-guy is only in the gay section.

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Pretty sure its just coz more people find females attractive than people find males attractive. I am a straight guy but most of the girls i know can appreciate the beauty of another girl. Most guys i know would rather lick the back side of a horse than see a penis in person.

i dont associate the word lesbian with whore and porn

1st off, "They're" not "Their".

2nd: http://myfacewhen.com/58/

lolwut smilie

Don't most people associate the term lesbian with extremely butch women?

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