Dear Justin Bieber,
I was here first. I made the hair flip popular. I made girls faint. I was the teenage hottie. I was the boy who sang like an angel. I was every girls dream. Now, every girl in the world loves you.
Jesse McCartney, amirite?

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jesse mccartney for the win :)

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I wish people would stop stealing from DBPB.

But I do agree, Jesse is wayyyyyyyyyy hotter than JB.

I love how every time there's a teenage guy with nice hair that makes popular music everyone acts like it's never happened before. In a few years we'll have someone new and no one will give a shit about Justin Bieber.

jesse > justin anyday !

Shaee113s avatar Shaee113 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Girl speaking: It's Jesse McCartney all the way, Justin Beiber can go and suck it.

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Ahhhhh Jesse McCartney!

umamaniquas avatar umamaniqua Yeah You Are +3Reply

i believe there is a typo in this story....the jesse should have been Paul McCartney i believe you have made the ultimate fat finger my friend

I actually liked Jesse McCartney

Don't you mean "Donny Osmund" ? You guys are all 40 years too late.

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I didn't know it was off of DBPB.

Jesse is mush better than Justin.

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this is so off of facebook.

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Hey faggots,
I was here before all of you
Sincerely Jesus.

Slim_Shady_Loves avatar Slim_Shady_Love Yeah You Are -7Reply
@Slim_Shady_Love Hey faggots, I was here before all of you Sincerely Jesus.

Dear user Slim_Shady_love,
Please don't run a comparison between Jesus and beiber like guys, it really makes you sounds stupid, no offence intended,

Ps: if I had to pick, I'd go with Jesse McCartney.

Also, please note that Jesus was not a "teenage hottie" and so many other things in this post, so technically what you said is basic gibberish -.-

Pulchers avatar Pulcher Yeah You Are +10Reply

Dear People
Justin Bieber is amazing he is a dream, he's sooo cute and hot and he can sing and dance and is amazing at playing drums. YOu cant compare Justin Bieber to any other "has been" because Justin will beat everyone else
sincerely ME :)

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