It really sucks how you can't wear booty shorts to school, amirite?

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They don't teach Prostitution 101 in grade school; you have to wait for college to get your whoring degree.

I Don't want so girls fat butt in my face all day. I get enough of that outside of school.

Sausage fest

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My friend told me that's what my stripper name would be wary smilie

There are some places where you should have to dress appropriately for people of all ages such as schools, government buildings, libraries, religious buildings, museums, etc.

omg I know right?! like I can't believe I'm not allowed to show the underside of my butt to all the hunks at school!

like wtf kind of post is this?

WHy the hell would you wanna wear them to school?! They always ride up and show your underwear and are SO short! I only wear them for sports so I can move easier!

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When I was at school you were allowed to wear booty shorts. (And I did.)

Short shorts would be acceptable. Booty shorts look whoreish

Stupid whore.

@OptimusPrime69 Stupid whore.

how the fuck does wearing shorts make you a whore?

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