when you get to school on your birthday, and your locker isn't decorated, it kind of sucks...amirite?

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Grow up.

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We don't decorate our lockers here.

My locker was decorated with science and shit. AWWWWWWWWW YYEAHHHHH!!!!!

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Most of my friends don't even know where their own lockers are, so locker decorating isn't really a big deal.

I dunno, it always really hurt my feelings (especially if I had participated in decorating my friends lockers).

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wow what are you in middle school?
do you get a gazillion balloons and bring them with you in class?
I just see people like that as a desperate cry for attention.

just make a facebook, plenty of attention on your birthday hahas.

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@Don't be rude... I agree in certain ways, but you don't just tell people that.

I didn't say op is doing that, i'm saying that I hate those birthday attention hogging seekers.

@rawr_ur_dead Yes you did... it says in your comment... :P

I meant ppl in general :D

@TalkingRice ok...AFTER THAT I meant ppl in general :D

Ok, I gotcha... sorry bout that, I just hate when people are mean to other people. IT BUGS ME! D:<

I don't even remember where my locker is. I used it once sophomore year to test the combination and haven't touched it since.

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Not in school on my birthday...

every year D:

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Don't have a locker... lol. HOMESCHOOLED!! no school on birthdays :)

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