It kind of sucks that we have hundreds of olympic-sized pools and yet there are people dying all over the world from lack of clean water and dehydration, amirite?

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Kind of like the, "finish your dinner, there are starving children in Africa" where the obvious is regardless of if you eat it or throw it away it'll never teleport across the ocean. Point being, if pools didn't exist, those people still wouldn't have water. Call their government.

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That's like saying there are millions of supermarket around the world and there are still millions of people dying of hunger.

Yes, but you can if they don't chlorinate it. (:

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Let's not forget good ol' waterparks.

Well, those olympic swimmers make big money, and about 1/3 of their money goes to taxes. This way the government is able to fund helping those people that are dying from lack of clean water and dehydration.

it kind of sucks to know the millions of dollars/pounds we've sent to those countries in aid over the years has been spent buying private pools for those countries government ministers...

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...Not really the point.

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