Why is it when people ask you "what three things would you bring with you on a deserted island?", no one ever replies, "A BOAT", amirite?

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Because it would be pretty difficult to escape on a boat.

@Im_so_bored_so_bye ???

If your boat is too small you'd be very unlikely to get it from your deserted island to another place which isn't deserted on account of the sea being pretty dangerous, and if it's too big it would be difficult to sail it alone. Plus you'd not know which direction to go in. I personally would prefer to stay on the island than risk trying to row back home.

Well, would you rather die on land or at sea?

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@Im_so_bored_so_bye land could be like 5 feet away

Well, if it's a deserted island, I highly doubt it. People would have built on it if it were close to land or civilization.

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@Im_so_bored_so_bye posible

Plus, if you're stuck on an island five feet away from land, you don't deserve to be saved-- the human race doesn't need another dumbfuck.

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fine. 20,000 ft. boats can do that

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