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A lot of hunting is trophy hunting, so the animal is not eaten.

I don't frown upon that at all. I only frown upon hunting for sport. Killing should not be "fun".

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Even when my family and I trophy hunt, we keep the head and still eat it.

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I'm a vegetarian, and the only meat I will have is anything that was killed by my family, for the reasons above.

Just as long as the meat is eaten, I'm perfectly okay with it.

@soberlikekesha You're not a vegetarian if you eat meat.

That is a great point, but I believe that I am justified in my actions once a year because of the conditions listed in the reply below this one.
I don't eat meat every day, just keep that in mind!

@Ezio That is a great point, but I believe that I am justified in my actions once a year because of the conditions listed...

Okay that's fine, you're still not a vegetarian. You're just a person who eats vegetables 99% of the time.

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@Brettward95 Where did you get the idea that you are a vegetarian?

The main reason I am vegetarian is because of the inhumane conditions in the meat industry. I don't want to eat something that has been under those conditions because I feel bad, so vegetables it is for me.

However, I know my grandpa kills deer that have roamed free in the wild, no abuse or cruelty involved. I'm more okay with that because of the method used, so I feel as if I am justified having venison once or twice a year. (I should also add that he processes the meat himself so we both know that he's doing it in a good fashion, etc etc.)

Other than having a sandwich bag full of venison jerky around the holidays, I'm completely vegetarian.

@Brettward95 But... You eat meat.

I view it as staying on a healthy diet all year and then eating nothing but sweets and other forbidden foods for one meal.

I would still be on a diet, but that one meal isn't going to take away from my lifestyle as a whole.

(insert comment about how it's my life and I do what I want so on and so forth)

We are missing the point here: WHO GIVES A FUCK?!?! Conservative NRA pro-hunting people shut up, guns are legal and so is hunting; therefore you dont have any reason to bug the crap out of vegetarians. Vegetarians, you aren't eating or killing the animal so who gives a damn if someone else is, you're lucky that hunting people isn't legal. An liberals or PETA, it's an animal...who cares? If you're so against it, then 1. stop eating because plants are living things like animals too...and 2. stop wearing clothes because most clothes have some sort of cotton or animal product in them. Everyone, its an animal, we are just lucky they don't hunt us for least most animals in the united states don't hunt people for food...and the only ones that do are the ones you screw with. So if you don't want to get hunted by an animal for food, leave it alone for God's sake!!!