Women constantly complain that men are sexist towards them, but get this: If a man acts feminine, he needs to "man up", but if a woman acts masculine, she is standing up for her independence. That is sexism, amirite?

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This is why so many feminists bother me. All of the ones that I've ever encountered always claim to be so much better than men and degrade them constantly, but still claim that they are fighting for "equality."

It just annoys me when people complain about sexism. Not every single person is like that. Not every man is a pig, not every woman is a feminist.

...and sandwich "jokes" do not help here.

How is standing up for ones independence considered a masculine trait? There's no reason why a woman cannot stand up for themselves - it's something both women and men should do.

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I dont know why girls gotta be so pissy about this. We pay for your shit (or we should) ... the least you could do is make a gd sammich.

@TheShamWowGuy I dont know why girls gotta be so pissy about this. We pay for your shit (or we should) ... the least you could do...

Exactly, I feel like a guy still has a lot of responsibilities because it's "chivalrous". Who's the one paying for the meal on the first couple dates? Who's the one shoveling the driveway early in the morning? Who's the one jumping the car when the battery dies?

Now Go Make Me a Fucking Sandwich!

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@OP: Well, think about it this way: Your Amirite is still sexist toward women. It's a statement about a women's femininity being inferior to a man's masculinity. So don't panic. The universe is still in order.

Edit: I meant "woman's".

To people who think that feminism means thinking that men are inferior: That is not what feminism means. Some people pervert its meaning like that to feel superior or to have someone to blame for the state of the world, and these people may be extremely vocal, but they do not represent feminists as a whole. One important idea of feminism is that sexism hurts men too, and there is huge pressure on males to put on an act of performative masculinity.

Tl;dr version: Feminsism means you can show your personality however the hell you want, whatever your gender, and as long as you're not hurting other people, us feminists are down, and we're not gonna judge you.

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