Spongebob and Patrick could've been arrested so many times. Breaking and Entering, Disturbing the Peace, Theft, Identity Theft, Stalking, Assault (kind of). Oh, and all those times he's screwed with the past, present and future. amirite?

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Don't forget stealing a balloon. On FREE BALLOON DAY! The audacity!

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Indecent Exposure...

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I stopped reading this as soon as it started questioning the cartoon. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP QUESTIONING CARTOONS! THEY BUILT OUR CHILDHOODS PEOPLE!

don't forget reckless driving

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yes, they COULD"VE been arrested. but do you know why they weren't?

because its a god damn cartoon!

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In the future, everythings chrome.

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driving w/out a license!

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@driving w/out a license!

You don't need a license to drive a sandwich!

Do you know why people question cartoons? BECAUSE IT'S FUN DAMMIT!

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