Nowadays it's kinda lame to listen to your music through headphones. You generally just carry around a boombox everywhere you go, amirite?

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i lol at the people with skinny jeans. hammer pants are the way to go. points for pairing them with a jean jacket!

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Or all those losers with flat hair. Perms are the way to go!

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And these girls with their leggings. Where did the hot pants go???

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Headphones are so '80s!

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Maybe I'm not understanding the joke, but what? D:

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The Big Apple- where people never dance

A boombox can change the worlddddd, you gotta know your limits with a boombox

funny joke, but is it referencing something?

huh? where are you from?

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This isn't a joke or referencing anything. It's just something i thought most people did. And obviously I was right

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