Shows like Good Luck Charlie and Victorious need to stop making references to sex, amirite?

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I was watching that the other day an I thought the same thing as well

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I seriously clicked on this post to comment the same exact thing. My jaw dropped. Didn't help tat I was watching with my 10 year-old sister either. Let them be innocent while they still can.

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That's what makes them entertaining for people my age.

Lots of kid's shows make refernces to sex. The kids don't get them, but they make the show entertainting for the parents and/or older siblings. It's Disney's (or other companies) way of making the show appeal to the entire family and not just a small portion of it.

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I didnt know victorious made sex references

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When they did a Breakfast Club episode of Victorious, they changed virgin to vegan but it got the same message across.

"Why don't you tell everyone why you don't eat tacos, Cat... Is it because you're... A VEGAN?!"

It's strictly known as a Family show meaning it's not only made for the young children, but also for the older viewers. My younger sister watches these type of shows and she doesn't even know what the fuck they mean and lets it slide.

I think they put those kinds of things in kids shows so the babysitters or parents watching along can get a kick out of it as well as the kids.

No, it's hilarious.

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