it's awkward when you're taller than the bathroom stall, amirite?

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poor Buddy the elf

Musicislife2s avatar Musicislife2 Yeah You Are +6Reply

Being 6'5" (nearly 2 meters), I have to duck and crouch to avoid looking over or being seen.

_____________s avatar _____________ Yeah You Are +1Reply

If I get any taller I think I'll be tall enough to see things I don't want to.

kayawithpigs avatar kayawithpig Yeah You Are +1Reply

I wouldn't know. I'm only 5'0. :)

Anonymous +1Reply

And changing room stalls. I hate people walking past you, and you're just like, "Oh, hey, I wasn't pulling that shirt over my head."

Alas, at 5'2, that doesn't happen.

Anonymous 0Reply

My school has the problem of the doors being higher than the toilet, so you can look under and see everything...

Anonymous 0Reply

im only 5'5 and i've had this happen to me. i think we have problems!

I'm glad I'm short :D

sweetdreamss avatar sweetdreams Yeah You Are 0Reply

Never happened to me...

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