30 years ago at a 9th grade party: you want a soda? Today at a 9th grade party: you want a bong hit and a shot? amirite?

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Maybe it's just me, but none of my parties as a freshman included a bong hit and a shot.

Trust me, they didn't just drink soda 30 years ago...

@littletank Trust me, they didn't just drink soda 30 years ago...

Ok maybe 40 or 50 years ago. But you know what my point is, people drink and do drugs way before they should today.

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Do you honestly think that? 30 years ago it was the 80s, teens were doing more shit then and even before that than they do now. Believe it or not, this generation is actually pretty smart when it comes to the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

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Soda as in Super Ovulating Drug of Astronamtical-Proportions? Cause that's probably something they did

Pff, here we go again with this shit. 30 years ago if someone on the other side of the planet did drugs you had no idea. Now you know it thanks to the internet.

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Yeah because alcohol and weed are inventions of the 21st century... Anyway, everyone's straight edge until they try it for the first time, then they laugh at how stupid they used to be!

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you ignorant little child, OP. everyone who YYA'd this is fucking stupid.

What Anonymous said is mostly true. The 80's were badass times - every teenager was getting into smoking and drugs and alcohol and sex and whatnot. Go bad 50 years and you're into the 60's... Free love (lots of sex) and LSD. Things have gotten progressively less 'bad' if you ask me.

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