It's retarded when you play a game like apples to apples, and you have the perfect card for the category, but the judge chooses something random that has nothing at all to do with the category, amirite?

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One time for the word funny I put down Jim Carrey, the only other card left was Heroshima, the judge picked Heroshima wtf...

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This is why I hate play that game with idiots. They choose the stupidest shit and think its funny.

"Okay, the category is soft..... I CHOOSE 'DOORKNOB' ROFLOL. WHO PUT THAT DOWN? U R SO FUNNY!"

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It amazing that you think its ok to use the word "retarded" to describe something rediculous. Not ok dorkwad

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it is not ''retarted''
retardation is a mental illness,
use your terms appropriatly.

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everyone who agreed with this post is uptight, lame, and no fun. Like you guys actually get upset that people aren't "sticking to the rules"? You all probably listen to indie bands where the members have crazy lives and you aspire to be just like them, but you're not going to get there by being serious when you play apples to apples with your friends...

If I say something pro-nineties at the end of this though, that should get me some upvotes, right?


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@everyone who agreed with this post is uptight, lame, and no fun. Like you guys actually get upset that people...

what the actual fuck.
Wanting to play a nice simple game of a2a =/= ...whatever the fuck you are even talking about. Where did all that shit about life and indie musicians come from?
Go away. Shoo.

Then you should learn never to put down a card that actually relates.

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I think that part is the most fun, usually me and my friends have to choose the most random one that is off topic, and the judge then see whats best. Even though that is not how you play it, that version I play is hilarious. Because what is the point of a game to choose something that is boring but relates, or choose something that will make other people laugh along.

I kind of play it like that. I just puck wherever card I like best; whether it's related it not.

RETARD RETARD RETARD, oh no, i'm going to hell hehe smilie

Hi Hannah c:

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It's retarded to play a game like apples to apples when there are so many better board games out there.

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