Even though both are kinda gross, it's more acceptable to skip washing your hands after you've peed than to skip washing if you pooped, amirite?

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Leaving the washroom without washing your hands is NEVER acceptable

My ex never washed his hands after he peed. His logic was that since he didn't actually touch the pee, his hands were still clean.

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as a medical school drop out heres a fun fact of the day: pee is sterile there are no germs in it unless there were germs on the outside the pee touched there are substances that are bad for you if you were to say drink it but its not germy sorry for lack of punctuation Im on my phone

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But, if you only touch the top of your pants and/or boxers and NOTHING else, how exactly is it gross or nasty? It isn't, it's just the stupid social stigma. No one looks at you weird if you adjust your belt/zip your fly without washing your hands. It's pretty much the same thing. If you actually touch the toilet or any private areas, then please wash, but if you only touch your pants, then it's up to you whether you feel your hands are clean or not.

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