getting on facebook 30 days in a row and posting a picture of yourself isn't really a challenge.. amirite?

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A 365 day challenge would definitely be a challenge.
Your grandma dies, but you still have to post a picture of the first time you ever "ate grown up food!"

Are people seriously doing that? 30 Day Challenges are for tumblr -__-

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NO! You have to find the most hideous picture of yourself! Edit it to black and white so that you can look like a professional photographer! Put some caption about how ugly you are! And THEN make sure that every other girl in the universe comments "OMAIGAWSHHH GRLLL U SO PURTY!" on the picture! AND! IF you don't clog up everyone's newsfeed with your pity party, you fail! Sounds like a challenge to me!

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That's not the problem. It's putting forth the effort to find a picture and keep it updated everyday that is. Some people (like me) just abandon it after about 10 days because we're lazy x3

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