Oh, I'm sorry, I'm an American. And in AMERICA, we don't DRINK tea. WE SNORT IT DIRECTLY OUT OF THE MOTHERFUCKING TEABAG. amirite?

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Some guy online asked me if I drink tea, and I'm like, I'm Australian, not goddamn English - I drink COFFEE.

Then you're fucking doin' it wrong D:<

Sinners avatar Sinner No Way +17Reply

Lmfao. XD I do like to drink tea, but this post is hilarious.

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Fuck Yeah!

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adams avatar adam Yeah You Are +6Reply

we love you!

Anonymous -1Reply

This post made me laugh. I like tea though :)


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@bijan311 WTF...

Well WTF... to you too, my good sir.

Anonymous +16Reply

So americans snort tea bags lol

I know tons of people that drink tea. Iced tea though.

of course I am I just have never snorted anything

Is this making fun of English people?

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I'm american and I love tea. But I don't snort it. It seems like that would hurt really bad

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