How does porn magazines make money? Everyone gets their porn off the internet. amirite?

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They use grammar that doesn't make them sound like a toddler.

The Amish need porn too. I think.

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because some people still appreciate quality literature.

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How do He?
I'm just wonder o_O

Some people like the quality stuff

Tons of people still have magazine subscriptions because they don't often use their computer, or have the internet on hand. Or just prefer magazines.

The internet is for porn

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Companies pay the magazine to put advertisements in the mag. Need I say anymore?

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Ok,Nick Kroll we heard you on your special but why are you going to post just that.

I think some people like to collect play boy and stuff

Porn magazines? hell, its going from the internet into mobile porn apps now. how could it go back to magazines? lol

fuckedapps.com is a new site which has tons of mobile porn apps in it. Check it out

Internet... Porn?

I thought this was gonna be a joke for a second...

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