Guys say they aren't all assholes, but they still continue to make sexist jokes, or break other girls hearts, amirte? amirite?

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@mannalisefartwell How so.

For starters, you made a generalization about ALL males. This is hypocritical because you said that all men make sexist jokes, yet you made a sexist comment. Additionally, you implied that only men can break someone's heart, yet I can guarantee you that men have had their hearts broken by women as well. This combination of hypocrisy and ignorance led to me placing my palm over my face in disgust. In other words, a facepalm.

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Woah way to generalise, there are more nice guys than jerks and plenty of girls that are bitches. I'm a feminist and I'm not particularly fond of sexist jokes, but I realise most guys who say them don't really believe them.


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