It doesn't matter what you look like...it doesn't matter your race...it doesn't matter your gender...it doesn't matter your age...it doesn't matter how wealthy you are...it doesn't matter who to talk to...it doesn't matter who your related to...it doesn't matter where you live...it doesn't matter what you do in your spare time...it doesn't matter who you are...you have a favorite Pokemon. amirite?

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Just as long as you're a pure blood, right Draco?

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Not at all...totally socially acceptable...

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I thought this was going to be another stupid 'you're beautiful' post, then I read the end and literally lol'd

Pikachu. It's totally generic but I have a backstory to it this is too cool for you, bro.

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So I hear you leik Mudkip...

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I don't have a favorite. I like all of the starting Pokemon.

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I love Absol. I just love Pokemon in general (unless it's a Zubat). My best friend and I are going as Team Rocket for Halloween. I'm Jessie, she's James, and we're debating on who's Meowth.

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Scyther. XD

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Not if you can't stand pokemon.

This may be the most annoyingly written post I have ever seen.

@YourStupid This may be the most annoyingly written post I have ever seen.

Judging by your name, what you voted, and what you said... you don't seem mean or judgmental at all! y smilie

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