Everyone's bio assumes we need to know their opinion of Harry Potter. amirite?

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I know mine does.

Of course what else would I put on there? Facts about me?!?!?

Miss_Potters avatar Miss_Potter Yeah You Are +5Reply

Well, it is something about you, so why wouldn't you put it on an "About Me"?

@RunThePacific Well, it is something about you, so why wouldn't you put it on an "About Me"?

I would like your opinion on every movie and book and short story and interesting tidbit you may or may not have heard from a friend or your friend's friend or an acquaintance or some hobo on the street too please. I would also like to hear every aspect about your life. Tell me everything that could possibly tell me who you are, how you act, what kind of person you are, and which blade of grass you would think was the tallest.

Lanzs avatar Lanz Yeah You Are +4Reply

Mine doesn't have my opinion on it, cause I don't give a fuck about it anymore.

Last night I dreamt I was hanging out with Harry and Ron, which is weird because I have very little interest in the books or movies, and we were trespassing on a ranch. All of a sudden a cowboy started started shooting us I was Spiderman and I web-slinged away. Weird...

Of course. This information can make or break your potential relationship with someone.

shannonnns avatar shannonnn Yeah You Are +1Reply

I don't really have anything in my About Me so I might as well put it here. Not a fan.

silvershadow6s avatar silvershadow6 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Guilty as charged.

EmmaJs avatar EmmaJ Yeah You Are 0Reply

My bio doesn't, but I think you can get a pretty good idea from my username...

sansas avatar sansa Yeah You Are 0Reply

Mine doesn't!

well... DON'T YOU?!?!

BeedleTheBards avatar BeedleTheBard Yeah You Are 0Reply

And everything else...

Mine doesn't

Fuck Harry Potter.

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman Yeah You Are -11Reply
@StickCaveman Fuck Harry Potter.

I wish. Too bad I'm not Ginny :/

DanielJamess avatar DanielJames Yeah You Are +78Reply
@DanielJames I wish. Too bad I'm not Ginny :/

Too bad I'm not... um... googles Gellert Grindelwald.

Shadis avatar Shadi No Way +13Reply
@orangesocks Ron*

Elphias Dodge!.... Wait, are we naming random Harry Potter characters or is this something else?

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