You hate it when your parents don't let you get a piercing/tatoo. i mean, i understand when your young but 17, amirite?

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i know but its just a post, don't really care bout being grammatically correct

I'm pretty sure you have to be 18 to get a tattoo, regardless of if you have permission from your parents.

A piercing is fine, but not a tattoo! A tattoo is permanant, unless you want to undergo a painful tattoo removal. What if you like something now that isn't cool in the future? I heard some people back in the day got Nazi tattoos because it seemed really cool... well you know how this story probably ends. The same thing happened to a bunch of people who named their kid Adolf in the 1930's because Adolf Hilter was a fantastic leader and speaker at the time...
I forgot what I was talking about... something about tacos?

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