In their native habitat of facebook, teenage girls are especially fond of capitalizing random letters, putting an 'h' into the word 'you', and adding multiple letters to every word they type, amirite?

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Most of the "teenage girl" generalizations on this site apply to middle schoolers and 13-14 year old girls. It gives the world a bad view of those of us who care about not looking like an idiot.

Dude. No GEneRaliZatiOns please. iT's sligHtlY ofFensIve for yhu to do That.


@bro Youh?

Maybe yhu? That kinda makes me want to throw up xD

@Avettbrothersaregods Maybe yhu? That kinda makes me want to throw up xD

Most people I see do it like that. It's retarded. "Wht r yhu tlking abouuutttt?!?!"' angry smilie

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"hhiii whatsss goingggg onnn lollll ;)"

This has always annoyed me.

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heyyy wasssupp ilyyy

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