Adam and Eve had kids, and their kids had kids..... with who exactly... amirite?

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God created more people the same way he created Adam and Eve, they were simply the first the made.

I would say that their kids had kids with each other. Incest, as we all know, creats deformities in proceeding generations; because Adam and Eve's DNA was genetically perfect, having continual incest in order to populate the earth may very well have created the diversity in human physicality today.
Also, God may have created other people besides Adam and Eve.
Just throwin' that out there.

@FlipFlopsAndSocks Following that logic wouldn't that mean God approves of incest and the bible promotes it?

Not necessarily. I mean, God had to allow polygamy in the Old Testament in order to populate the earth, but that doesn't mean that he approves of it. It was probably just a tool that was essential to the populating of the earth, and whose use was eliminated once the entire gene pool was formed.

I hate when people take the Bible too literally. I don't mean the OP, because I think OP would agree with me, just those who think Adam and Eve actually existed. It's a metaphorical story!

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