this world is sooooo messed up. the most popular singer is a total faggy "girl", one of the best rappers is white, and the most known show is about some screwed up people living on a shore partyin' it up 24/7, amirite?

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The part about eminem is the only true part.

I agree with the last one, but the other two are just plain discriminatory.

I don't think this applies to the entire world. The USA, maybe.

... A total faggy "girl"? I'm not sure where to begin. I'm just glad you acknowledged her as the most popular. More power to her that way!

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@xxsasorideidaraxx im saying thats messed up. im not acknowledging that fag. theres a difference

Naruto is a shit anime. It shouldn't be popular because I don't like it.

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What is messed up about a really good rapper being white? She's not a "faggy girl" and she is a girl. Also over half the people at my school whom know about Jersey Shore hate it.

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