You always hated that Blue crayon that colored purple, amirite?

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Oooh yes, Indigo right?

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indigo... that little bitch.
my flower was never the same....

carlymomos avatar carlymomo Yeah You Are +11Reply

or the black that was actually dark purple.
fuck that shit.

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indigo. a child's worst nightmare.


Anonymous +5Reply

Whenever I colored with it I would say "Mommy! My crayon is lying to me!" I still say it. THAT STUPID CRAYON TRICKS ME!

rawr_ur_deads avatar rawr_ur_dead Yeah You Are +3Reply

I suddenly have an urge to go out and buy those Crayola 98-packs with the built-in sharpener. And then I would sit down and draw for hours. Like a boss.


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Indigo defiantly looked blue.

BoatsandHoess avatar BoatsandHoes Yeah You Are +1Reply

some people like to sit there and watch the world burn.

ARandomPersons avatar ARandomPerson Yeah You Are 0Reply

dear Mr MrSirAwesomePants
What the flip are you on?
I Flippin' love that caryon it's the bees knees and you know it
genueily emtree01

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