Sims is fun when you're building the house, decorating the house, and after 2 days of controlling your sims, but then once it gets repetitive then it's boring. amirite?

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Not my friend's Sims. For some reason, in her Sims, I'm in a band with my other friend and my history teacher.
This isn't even the weirdest thing in her Sims to date...

And then you get them eight boyfriends and invite them all to a party. Then it gets interesting.

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...and then you put a rug in front of the fireplace.

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There's so many storylines that you can do though! For example, I got Don Lothario to marry Cassandra Goth, and they had like six kids together, but Don cheated on Cassandra with Nina Caliente and Nina had a secret child that Don never got to meet. Cassandra caught Don cheating and he had to move out, he ended up with Kaylynn Langerak (the maid). Cassandra married Darren Dreamer and they all lived happily ever after/cool story bro.

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